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Why Do You Want to JOIN the Crystal Fanatics Club ?

    The Crystal Fanatics Club's (CFC) membership consists mainly of Swarovski's most prolific collectors. Many of them have collections numbering in the hundreds, even thousands of pieces, displayed throughout their homes. And, yes, our membership also reflects some of our newest collectors, and even those who have smaller, unique collections. But we all have one thing in common - 'Friendship'
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CFC's members do not only 'just collect Swarovski Crystal'.  In the past 11 1/2 years, many fond friendships have been made among its members. Some of us even consider some members as their Best Friends. Here's a few examples:

  •   A member from Scotland now resides with a USA member, as a result of the friendship formed at CFC.
  •  Another member from Canada visited a member from Australia for a 3 week stay. They 'met' on CFC, as is the case with most of the friendships formed as a result of being a CFC member. We are proud of this fact.
  • A member from Australia has always called a U.S. member 'Sis'. They finally met 11 years after the Australian member first joined CFC.
  • To celebrate our 10th Anniversary, a member from Canada painstakenly put together a 47 page Photo Album of all our CFC Events & Gatherings during the past 10 years.
  • One of our youngest members recently had a heart transplant. The generosity of the Fanatics was overwhelming.
        Members are 'friends' with others from all over the world. Many of them visit each other often, despite the distances between them. The 'common bond' began with collecting Swarovski Crystal, but the end result created friendships we cherish, making CFC a truly worldwide 'community'.

Did You Know?
Those members who participate as Administrators and Chat Monitors do so as volunteers out of the goodness of their hearts.

So, How Do We Feel About Swarovski ?

    We have noted that many of the members of the Swarovski family refer to our collections as 'kitschy'; it is a very good example of what 'rankles our feathers'.  In general, collectors feel that Swarovski is obsessed with the fashion industry, and since we have such bad taste to buy their 'kitschy products' in the first place, our opinions aren't worthy.            
          The members at CFC have a wide knowledge base; some believe they are able to obtain more information from CFC than from Swarovski and/or the employees at their company stores, or anywhere else on the Internet.

        Many of us would like to see changes for the SCS membership. Some examples include:
  • A more focused Collector's magazine that is received in a timely manner, and the return of the Gala Events worldwide.
  • Many of us are still reeling from losing our Authorized Dealers in favor of Swarovski Company stores.
  • Many of us have discontinued purchasing every issue (as was done in the past) because of too many new issues and continuous escalating prices. Now we just purchase what we like.
  • Because of declining secondary values and escalating prices, many collectors are selling off their collections.
  • We are sincerely tired of repetitive 'new issues'.
On the other hand, many of our Collectors really like:
  • The colored Crystal Collections; ie., Lovlots, the Mo's, Soulmates, and the Paradise Collection.
  • The Annual Edition Collector's piece and the Annual Edition Ornaments
  • We love the quest for searching and finding that perfect old Swarovski issue! Some of our members are avid Trimlite collectors; others love collecting the old paperweights.
  • We love to meet the Designers and have our pieces signed.

So, What Does Swarovski really mean to CFC?
Simply, a way to share our passion for Collecting Swarovski Crystal, but first and foremost, our most important, intrinsic value is 'Friendship'.

Want to Know More About CFC and Swarovski ?
Come JOIN US! You will receive a Warm Welcome from our Members.

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  1. I totally agree with the above article. I joined CFC 5 1/2 years ago. As mentioned in the article above, it is the friendship of the members of this club that I believe is the best feature of CFC. I have long term health problems and the support I have had from members of this club is far more than any family members give me. With members all over the world any Swarovski questions (in fact any questions)are answered quickly and helpfully. The members of CFC are far better than any family.
    In fact they are a worldwide family to me.

  2. THANK You Robert!
    We Luv You too! :)

  3. I am a very new member (10 months) and not a very active one. Yes you can get photos and details of Swarovski items from books or other web sites. But you cannot get the vast knowledge base which comes from 12 years of CFC and the fact that a lot of the members are long term collectors and are spread around the world. The best thing about this club though is the kindness that has been shown to me, the careering nature of the club with members enquiring how I am and showing an interest in my well being. Pat has created not just a club but a family who take an interest in each other both as fellow collectors and as a person.

  4. The CFC is definitely more than just a website. For those who want to make friends with a common interest, this is the place to find them. However, if you just want to read about the crystal, find out what's going on in the world of Swarovski, or see fantastic reference photos of the pieces, you will be right at home here as well.


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