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Swarovski Certificate of Authenticity (COA) – What is it?

Swarovski Certificate of Authenticity (COA) – What is it?

Swarovski includes a ' product booklet' entitled 'Certificate' with their figurines.   
This assures, supposedly, that the product was issued by Swarovski; however, with the exception of the older issues that were produced without a logo (see our article about the Swarovski Logo), it is more likely that the piece can be 'authenticated' by either the Old Block SC or Swan logo.
Some Crystal Fanatics will insist a COA is included when purchasing Swarovski crystal figurines to ensure they have the 'complete package', but most of these certs are interchangeable between products, with the following exceptions:

If the crystal figurine in question is a Swarovski Limited Edition figurine, or a Swarovski Annual Edition, the Certificate of Authenticity is important because these COA's are usually quite different than those found in regularly issued products.

Here are just a few examples:

The company has used several different types of certificates since 1986.

The octagonal cert was used from approximately 1976 to 1988.

From 1988 to 1995, a square white Swarovski certificate was used.  

The only round Swarovski certificate was used from 1995 to 2000.   

Since 2000, a variety of square and triangular certificates have been used, including issues in white, blue, and red.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Do I Need Insurance for My Collection ?

Often, your homeowner's insurance will only include insurance for your collectibles up to a certain amount. Many only offer coverage up to $1,000 to $1800.00.  Far too many collectors... even those with very significant collections, have no insurance protection beyond their homeowners policy, and this isn't enough.

The Crystal Fanatics Club (CFC) For Collectors of Swarovski Crystal offers our U.S.A. membership convenient ways to have their collections properly insured.
CFC is a Member of The Association of Collecting Clubs and National Association of Collectors. We are able to offer and endorse an excellent insurance program to our Members through our association with them. They also provide insurance policies for antique malls and shops, antique dealer insurance and coverage for antique shows. Serving the antiques and collectibles industry with quality insurance is their expertise.
We highly endorse this insurance program for collectors and urge you to take a look at what it offers.  For collectors, where can you get $20,000 in coverage for only $75.00 a year? Or, how about $100,000 worth for $288.00/year or $200,000 worth for $538.00/year?

Some important factors to consider when insuring your Collection:

* Be sure to keep your collection insured for its full Estimated Current Value.
* Software programs for your computer do exist and make it easier to catalog especially large collections, as well as provide the ability to update it when new items are added.
* Some losses are not covered, even under an all-risk policy. Most policies apply a deductible, but cover accidental breakage. Exclusions and deductibles vary by company, so be sure to ask questions first before you purchase.
* The size of your collection and the Total Value determines the cost of your premium. In many instances, the yearly cost for the premium is affordable when you consider the risks.
* A single limited edition art object valued at greater than $2,500.00 should be insured and listed separately with your insurance company. The best policies are offered by companies that deal specifically in art valued collectibles and antiques.
* It's easy to find the value of your collectibles - Our CFC Photo Galleries feature just about every piece issued by Swarovski with all pertinent information, including the current value.
For more information on insurance for your Collectibles,

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WE Are the 'Crystal Fanatics'

WHO  Are the 'Crystal Fanatics' ? ? ?

What is  a 'Fanatic'? 
A person filled with excessive, single-minded zeal and enthusiasm for a particular a person, place or thing.
Who are the "Crystal Fanatics" ? -  ...Members of the Crystal Fanatics Club who are sincerely interested in sharing their passion for their crystal collection with a lighthearted rapport between or among friends. 

Some pretend to claim the 'right' to the 'Crystal Fanatics' name, but they only Sell to Buyers; it's their only intent. Our Crystal Fanatics Club members form the heart of a community united by an affinity for Swarovski Crystal.

"Crystal Fanatics" truly describes our  'avid crystal collectors' from around the world who Enjoy a Spirit of Friendly Passion for Swarovski Crystal via our website. 

Are you a 'Crystal Fanatic' ?

  • Do you collect Swarovski Crystal ?  Is it proudly displayed in your home?
  • Do you love sharing your passion for collecting with others? 
  • Do you want to know what the New Issues are now?
  • Are you busy on a daily basis buying and/or selling Swarovski collectibles in the online auctions? 
  • Do you search for Swarovski crystal pieces, looking for all possible logos and variations? 
  • Is it exciting to search for that rare, extraordinary Swarovski issue?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, you just might  be a 'Crystal Fanatic' too!
Being a Crystal Fanatic is FUN
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What is a Collecting Club ?

What is a Collecting Club ?
Collecting Clubs are an important segment of the collectibles industry.
The combined knowledge base of their membership is usually the backbone of knowledge for your collectibles.
Many club sites have become key resources for the collectibles industry.

But what exactly do these clubs do?

  • They provide information to the collector via research, study and documentation. Not only do they cover club activities, provide access to insider information, and 'breaking news' for your favorite collectible, but they provide a wide array of information to the collector - offering photo galleries, a history of your particular collectible, photo features of members' collections, proper identification, and more.
  • Many clubs are the industry watchdogs for ethics violations and reproductions.
  • They provide information and advice to new and established members alike in the areas of managing their collections, storage and display, and convenient ways to insure your collection properly.
  • Many club websites offer Forums and Discussion Groups for those having specific questions about their collections, and to share information. Chat Forums are held weekly where members can participate in real time.
  • They offer networking opportunities, the ability to buy & add to your collection, as well as trading and selling your collectibles, and Annual Events. Many club sites have become key resources for the collectibles industry.
  • The most important thing they offer is the establishment of personal friendships, often on a worldwide basis, with people who share the same interests, and friendships that can and do last a lifetime.

Being a member of a strong collecting club can personally make you more knowledgeable.

If you are a serious collector, you need to be a member of a club.
If you are a Swarovski collector, you need to be a member of the Crystal Fanatics Club. We are such a 'Collecting Club.'
Come Meet  THE 'Crystal Fanatics'
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