Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Swarovski TIGERS

Swarovski Tiger Paperweight – This unique product was issued in 2 different metal colors in gold and pewter, available at a retail price of $95.  Resting on a crystal cal 60mm round paperweight, they were part of the Swarovski Trimlite line, in the “Crystal Sculptures” theme group. These are very difficult to find and command prices of $800 – $1200 dollars in the secondary market.  They were issued in 1983 and retired in 1986.

The Silver Crystal Tiger -
Faceted clear crystal Tiger with Light Topaz crystal eyes in the Silver Crystal product line, designed by Michael Stamey. Issued 1998 and retired in 2002, valued in excess of $250.00.
Did You Know? There is a golden shadow Protoype of this issue that 'left the factory' out the back door.

A series of 'Zodiac Tigers' have been released.

Zodiac Tiger - 'Golden Shine' Ltd. Edition. Designed in conjunction with the CAFA & available exclusively in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau from October 2009 to the end of the year of the Tiger (February 2011). Eyes shine in Moroda Sahara crystal and the faceted clear crystal base is engraved ‘Limited Edition 2010’, along with the zodiac name in English and Chinese seal script.
This piece retailed for a whopping $2400.00.

Zodiac Tiger - Large, Golden  Shine, Issued in 2011, retailing at $860, as described above.

Zodiac Tiger
'Silver Shine' - Again, in conjunction with the CAFA, this tiger belongs to the  “Chinese Zodiac” series, issued in silver shade crystal. Faceted clear crystal base, with an engraved matte finish, highlighting the name of the zodiac in English and Chinese seal script. Represents those born in 1902, 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, and 2010 and retails for $300.  Issued in 2009.

Zodiac Tiger - Clear Crystal, Not to be confused with the other issues mentioned here, this tiger was produced in the Silver Crystal line, designed by Anton Hirzinger,  issued in 2003, & retiring in 2005. This tiger initially listed for $65.00 and is a much smaller version than the other Zodiac issues.

Swarovski SCS Tiger – The Annual Edition (AE) Swarovski Tiger, designed by Elisabeth Adamer, was available exclusively to SCS members in 2010 in a 'Golden Shine' color. It was the final figurine in the  “Endangered Wildlife”Trilogy. It also marked the end of the Annual Edition Trilogies.
SCS Annual Editions are now introduced as a 'single' product; however, 'companion' items (see below) are issued with them, driving up the cost of an AE 'set' to more than a $1,000 in 2011. 
The Swarovski SCS Tiger itself retailed for $450.

SCS Tiger Cub, Standing 
Two issues of the standing tiger cub were available to SCS members in 2010, depending on whether it was purchased or provided as a loyalty gift for purchasing the entire “Endangered Wildlife” trilogy.  The non-gift figurine retailed for $180 and was issued with a different product number. Like the SCS tiger, they were issued in the 'golden shine' color.

 SCS Tiger Cub, Sitting - This Swarovski tiger cub was available to SCS members in 2010 as a  complimentary figurine to the SCS tiger. It retailed for $180 in 2010.

All the 'Tiger' issues can be seen in our FABULOUS CFC Photo Galleries!

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Swarovski Innsbruck

The Swarovski Retail Store has completed its renovation with a new look in the historical area of Innsbruck in a distinctive contemporary, crystalline design style.

Swarovski Innsbruck is in one of the oldest and most beautiful buildings in Innsbruck’s old town, near the famous Golden Roof Hotel. A completely redesigned shopping experience has come to be in one of the largest Swarovski boutiques in the world.

Also available for your convenience, THE BAR offers refreshments and award-winning wines from Gernot Langes Swarovski’s Argentinean winery, Bodega Norton.

The staff at Swarovksi Innsbruck are happy to arrange shipping for your purchases. Open 7 days a week from 8:00 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. 
IF you are planning to go to the beautiful city of Innsbruck, Austria, you don't want to miss shopping there!
They are located at:
Swarovski Innsbruck
Herzog-Friedrich-Stra├če 39
6020 Innsbruck
Tel. +43 (0)512 573 100
Fax. +43 (0)512 573 530

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Michael Jackson Swarovski Gloves

Among the 10 most expensive Michael Jackson collectibles, the Swarovski Gloves he wore during his performances are well known.

Rhinestone glove
- $420,000

This glove comes from Michael Jackson’s 1983 performance of Billie Jean on the Motown 25 TV special, which is where he first performed the Moonwalk.

Unlike other gloves used by Jackson during this time, this glove features rhinestones, as opposed to the Swarovski crystals which are usually present on Michael’s gloves.

Jackson usually wore a glove on his right hand, but due to the dance routine, which featured a number of moves to be performed with his right hand, this glove was uncharacteristically worn on the left hand.

The glove was sold for $420,000 at a Julien’s Auctions sale in November 2009.  The buyer was Hong Kong businessman Hoffman Ma, who was acting on behalf of a hotel in Macau, China, where it is now on display.

Blue Fantasy glove - $126,000

This black spandex glove is completely covered in blue and gold Swarovski loch rosen crystals and rhinestones. It was sold by Julien’s Auctions in November, 2009 for $126,000.

The glove is a part of the “Fantasy Glove” series which were originally intended to take Jackson’s individual glove concept to a new level, before he decided on the iconic white glove look.

Bad tour glove - $330,000

Another of Jackson’s gloves, this one worn for his “Bad” tour during the 1980s, was sold for $330,000 at a Julien’s Auctions sale in December 2010, well exceeding its $20,000-$30,000 pre sale estimate.
A custom-designed, white cotton right-hand glove, the back side of the glove is completely covered in clear Swarovski loch rosen crystals and the palm is bare of ornamentation.  This crystal-covered glove is one of the most recognized pieces of wardrobe in the history of pop culture.  After Michael Jackson's performance on the 1983 Motown 25 television special, the glove became one of the most iconic elements of Jackson's signature look.  This glove was number one of four gloves commissioned for the Bad Tour, which ran from September 12, 1987 to January 27, 1989.  Jackson performed one hundred and twenty-three concerts on this tour, and this one is believed to have been used on the Australian leg of the tour. 
Custom designed with label by Michael Bush and Dennis Tompkins, there were four gloves on the road; if there was a break-down or a problem with one, another was used. All four were eventually worn.

Black glove and arm brace - $216,000

This black glove coated in black Swarovski crystals, and a right-hand forearm brace, was worn by Jackson during the filming of his History teaser trailer, which was filmed in Budapest during Jackson and Lisa-Marie Presley’s honeymoon in 1994.
The custom-designed black spandex right-hand glove is completely covered in hand-sewn rows of black Swarovski loch rosen crystals, together with a white cotton right-hand forearm brace. The cotton brace laces and also has three Velcro strap closures. The brace shows wear consistent with use.  The promotional video, lasting four minutes, builds to the unveiling of a monumental sculpture of Jackson. Jackson can be seen wearing this glove and brace as he marches into the city square waving to fans.
The items sold for $216,000 at a Julien’s Auction sale in October 2010.

Victory glove - $192,000
Another glove, this time worn for Michael Jackson’s Victory tour in 1984, was sold by Julien’s Auctions for $192,000 in June 2010.

The right-hand glove is completely covered in clear Swarovski loch rose crystals. It is one of five gloves made for the tour. The glove, the single most iconic piece of Michael Jackson memorabilia in the world, was specially designed by Ted Shell of Ted Shell Designs in 1984 and is emblazoned with bugle beads and Austrian crystal rhinestones, and fitted with 50 small lights powered by a single 9v battery placed in the cuff of the glove. The glass light bulbs were wired on separate circuits making them twinkle at random for added visual impact on stage.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The SCS 'Loyalty Gifts'

In 2007, the last year of the Annual Edition (AE) “Wonders of the Sea” trilogy (Harmony, Eternity, and Community), Swarovski offered a loyalty gift to SCS (Swarovski Crystal Society) members who purchased all 3 crystal figurines in the series. The loyalty gift for “Wonders of the Sea” was the Tang Fish. This was the first and only time Swarovski offered the Annual Edition in both a clear and a colored version.
If the member purchased all three “Wonders of the Sea” clear figurines, they received the clear Tang Fish. If the member purchased all three “Wonders of the Sea” colored figurines, then the member received the colored version of the Blue Tang Fish. And if you purchased all six issues, you received both loyalty gifts.

The loyalty gift was not available for purchase (except on eBay and the secondary markets); all 3 AE's had to be recorded as purchased in Swarovski's member file, or you were not eligible to receive it.

In 2008 through 2010 the “Endangered Species” trilogy was offered. Again, SCS members who purchased all 3 in the series, the Pandas, Gorillas, and Tiger, received a Standing Tiger Cub for their loyalty gift. However, in addition, an identical Standing Tiger Cub was also available for purchase by SCS members for $180, but the 'purchased' Standing Cub was issued under a different product number.

There will be a loyalty gift in 2013 for SCS members who purchase annual editions in 2011, 2012, and 2013, but just what it will be is not yet known. When ordering your Annual Editions, make sure that your dealer confirms that your SCS membership number is being used, when purchased.

You can See ALL the Annual Editions from 1987 to the present time in our FABULOUS CFC Photo Galleries!
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Swarovski Trimlite Champions

MORE About the Swarovski Trimlite Issues........

The Crystal Champions
There were six athletic crystal figurines in the Crystal Champions product line.

The Golfer - 1984 to 1988, 3-1/2 inches tall; the golfer's body and pom pom on top of his hat is Swarovski crystal, and his face, arms, & boots are goldtone. The Pom Pom has been seen in both Crystal Cal and Vitrail Medium, secondary market value is in the $200 range.

Baseball Player - 1984 to 1988, stands 2 1/2" tall. It would probably cost more than $350 to purchase in the secondary market today.

Basketball Player  - 1984 to 1988, stands 4-1/2 inches tall & has a current value of $375+

The Hockey Player - 1984 to 1988, 2-1/2 inches tall, current value is $300+

The Fisherman  - 1985 to 1988, stands 3-1/2 inches, and Current Value is $300+.

The Skier - 1985 to 1988, stands 3-1/2 inches tall, & is also valued at $300+

A Crystal Champions Display Stand was also issued for these pieces, measuring 12 -3/4" W x 3 -1/4: H x 10 -3/4" in Diameter.

Each piece originally listed for $50 & is marked with the Trimlite "T" logo.

You can See ALL the Trimlite issues in our FABULOUS CFC Photo Galleries!
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Steiff / Swarovski Bears

About the Steiff Swarovski Collaboration:

  • Limited Editions Issued Annually
  • Only available during year of issue
  • Sizes: 10 -11 "
  • Original Issue Prices range between $175 and $299.00

  • Daniel - 2004 Tan with 2004 Annual Edition Christmas Ornament & signature Steiff crystal button in the ear.
  • Crystal - 2005 White mohair Steiff teddy bear with Swarovski Xilion crystal trademark ´button in ear´and Annual Edition Christmas 2005 Ornament.
  • 2005 Steiff Bear with Swarovski Ilyssa Bracelet as its Collar
  • Orian The Star Bear - 2006 Midnight Blue Bear with signature Steiff button & Steiff written in Swarovski crystals on the paw.
  • Jewels 2007 - heart-shaped nose with her name embroidered on her paw pad in elegant script. Instead of a traditional Steiff Button in Ear, you'll find a dazzling, light peach Xilion crystal stone in her ear, and she wears a Swarovski Heart ornament around her neck, engraved with the year 2007.
  • Poinsettia 2007 - Christmas Steiff Bear adorned with a beautiful fully faceted Poinsettia ornament comprised of clear, light siam and light topaz crystal. It is hanging from a red colored satin ribbon.
  • 2007 Steiff Jewelry Box Set - Special Ltd Ed. of 1500; Three beautiful bears (red, white, and blue) represent three precious stones (ruby, diamond, and sapphire) in this one-of-a-kind set designed exclusively for North America. Each individual Teddy is a masterwork in miniature, made of genuine alpaca. Around each bear's neck hangs a necklace of five precious Swarovski teardrop crystals; and in the ear of each bear, a genuine Swarovski Xillion stone. The entire set is housed in a hand-finished, mahogany-toned wooden box imprinted with gold lettering. Comes with certificate & retailed for $375.
  • Flurrie - 2008 Silver-Blue mohair bear with crystal button in the ear & a 2008 Annual Ornament.
  • Kringle - 2009 soft German mohair and features subtle airbrushing around his paws. He wears a Swarovski Siam crystal Santa stocking on a ribbon around his neck, which features two dangling pompoms made from Crystal Fabric. It also features a pair of Crystal Moonlight stars. In his ear, Kringle sports a radiant Swarovski Xillion TM stone. Kringle is a limited edition of only 1500 pieces, Exclusive to the US.
  • Twinkle - 2010 Made of genuine Schulte German mohair in apricot with a Swarovski Christmas Tree Ornament around the neck.
  • Sapphire - 2011 Only 2,000 produced, Available on the Steiff USA website. Features a deep blue silk coat; paws decorated with crystal stones and a crystal collar is around her neck. Steiff button with label in her ear. Comes with numbered COA in a special gift box.
  • Krystina - 2011 Jet Black Coat of Mohair, decorated with a Swarovski Crystal Stone Collar, encompassing more than 100 stones. The right bear paw is encrusted with more than 150 stones, spelling out 'Steiff'. The famous Steiff Bear stone & label is in her ear.The Krystina Steiff Bear available from the Danbury Mint UK site.
  • Candy The Sparkle Bear - 2011 Ltd. Edition (1500) Christmas Bear Only distributed in the UK and North America. Pale green mohair bear, wearing a Swarovski red and clear candy cane ornament around her neck, embellished with a golden star.
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Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Swarovski Cadillac Ornaments

The first of the Cadillac Ornaments was issued in 1996 in a teardrop-shaped Swarovski crystal, customized for the Cadillac corporation, and designed with an etched Christmas tree, the word "Cadillac", and the year 1996. 
Other Cadillac ornaments were issued, also utilizing the teardrop crystal, as follows:
  • The 1997 Swarovski Cadillac ornament features an etched snowman.
  • The 1998 Swarovski Cadillac ornament has bells etched on the crystal teardrop.
  • The 1999 Swarovski Cadillac ornament features a wreath etching.
  • And, the 2000 Swarovski Cadillac Ornament is etched with a penguin. 
Each of the ornaments contain the word Cadillac, with the issue year below and all are packaged in similar green boxes, with a  red velvet-like lining on the inside.

Other corporations have also been known to utilize the Teardrop component ornament as a promotional item for their firm.

Photos of ALL the Cadillac Ornaments, as well as ALL the Annual Edition Ornies can be seen in our FABULOUS CFC Photo Galleries!  
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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Rare Swarovski Canadian Olympic Plaques

In 1988 the International Winter Olympics were held in Calgary, Canada.  Swarovski Canada officially produced & licensed 2 Swarovski crystal plaques to commemorate the event. 

The 'Heidy & Howdy Mascots' Plaque, product number 9503 M2570 , was issued featuring the bears engraved on the plaque hoisting the Canadian flag.  The plaque is engraved with Calgary, 1988, Winter Olympic Games, in English and French.  There is no logo on the crystal; however, the  original box also pictures the bears hoisting the Canadian flag; this is very unusual. 

The current value for this piece is in excess of $900.00.

The Saddledome Iceberg plaque, product number 9503 M2692, features an engraved Saddledome Olympic Stadium, with the words, "Olympic Saddledome" imprinted on it.

Both plaques measure 3 3/4" wide and 3" high and are a Rare Find for Crystal Fanatics.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Optik Binoculars and Swarovski Crystal Figurines

Swarovski Optik is an industry leader in high quality, precision long-range optics, scopes &  binoculars.  The binoculars feature the Swarovski Optik logo  - the Hawk.  They range in price from $950 - $1700.

But, Did You Know ? about the Swarovski Crystal Binoculars? 
These are a crystal figurine in the shape of Swarovski binoculars, about 1 inch in length.  Supposedly, the figurine was a display piece for Swarovski Optik retailers in Hong Kong in 1995.  They sell on the secondary market for $250 - $400.

Another small figurine depicting crystal binoculars was produced in the Crystal Moments product line from 2000 through mid-2002.  They are 1-1/4 inches / 32mm wide, with the Swan logo. They initially sold for $32.50.  You can buy them on the secondary market for approximately $50.00.

Highly sought after by Crystal Fanatics are 2 Optik Falcon Heads in a Small and Large version.
They were produced for Swarovski Optik retailers in Europe to celebrate 50 years of manufacturing.
The small Falcon Head measures 1 3/4 inches &  45mm High. The larger size is 4 inches, 102mm High, weighing 2 lb. 9 oz. It is etched with the Optik Logo, and retired  in 1999.  You can pay up to $2,000 for this set on the secondary market.

Optik has also released various acccessories: key chains, watches, & pins.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Swarovski Trimlite Marching Band & Trimlite Clowns

Trimlite, issued by Swarovski  from 1982 to 1988 was only available in the US and Canada.
The "T" logo is stamped into the metal on each piece. Most came in the Giftware Suite packaging and there were no Certificates.

The Trimlite Marching Band has 7 pieces, and even a VERY rare Display Stand.
The Display Stand measures 14"W x 6"H x 6-1/2"D  & is currently valued (CV) in excess of $225.00.
Each of the groups below belonged to the "Circus Clowns and Marching Band" Theme group.

The Marching Band has life-like instrumentalists, each with a goldtone head & body; accented by a large faceted crystal body.
They are:

  • Band Leader
  • Saxophone player
  • Tuba player
  • Trumpet player
  • Trombone player
  • Drummer
  • Cymbal player
All of them were issued in 1984 & retired in 1986. The Trimlite Band figurines retailed for $25 - $50 each. 

Swarovski issued six Trimlite clowns
They were introduced in 1983 and retired in 1988.
Likewise, a RARE Clown Display Stand was issued measuring 7"H x 10"D in the form of a Circus Ring.
The 6 Trimlite Clowns were designed much the same way as the Marching Band.
They were:

  • Trimlite Tall Clown
  • Roller Skating Clown
  • Clown on Tricycle
  • Clown with Umbrella
  • Clown Juggler
  • Clown with Cannon

All the Trimlite clowns represent typical clown identities, wearing funny clown hats with supersized clown feet.  Some are performing their particular circus skill, and they make you smile.

Currently, you would pay $200 to $300 each in the secondary market for any of these issues, IF they are mint in box (MIB).  You can see all these figurines in our FABULOUS CFC PHOTO GALLERIES.

It is worth mentioning that the production quality of crystal figurines has vastly changed since the 80's.  It is not unusual to see rough edges, nicks or chips on the crystal, and due to the age of the figurines, you may find the gold has possibly dulled, tarnished, or even chipped off.  After all, we are talking about hard-to find, 30 year old figurines!

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