Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Swarovski Boxes

About the Swarovski Boxes

The controversy rages on among Crystal Fanatics about whether or not to keep and store the Boxes (packaging) used to protect the Swarovski Crystal inside. The concensus of opinion among collectors is to keep the boxes.
Some say having the 'complete package' adds value to the piece. Others balk at the space taken up by storing the boxes, and the time involved in keeping yet another inventory of where they are located.

The earliest Swarovski boxes are the gray cylinders with the old Swarovski Block (SC) logo.

Many had two removable plastic ends, some were also imprinted with the Old logo.

The block SC logo was replaced by the Swan logo in 1989 and the gray cylinders were modified to reflect this change with the Swan logo imprinted on them.

Again, some of the plastic ends have the Swarovski swan stamped on them. A further modification happened later on when only one end would open the box at the top of the cylinder because, over time, the dual plastic ends did not remain securely closed.

In 2002, Swarovski introduced new corporate colors in a dark navy blue & red in their retail stores, and the boxes were also changed to reflect the new colors. At first they were designed the same way as the old gray containers, with the Swan logo.

It should be noted by our collectors that the gray cylinder boxes, logos & certificates did not always match.  This is especially true during the transition period from the old to the new logo. It is not unusual to find the same product issued in a gray or blue box, as Swarovski used the old gray boxes until their stock was depleted, before using the newly designed blue cylinders.

Currently, the crystal is issued in square blue boxes (as shown) that the collectors do not like, as the 'Tab' that is used to open the box is sometimes hard to open, tears easily, and 'The Box' becomes less than perfect.

Many products were also issued in Square White Boxes.

Special boxes were designed for the AE's, Ltd, Editions, some Christmas issues, Annual Ornies, Lovlots, & the Happy Ducks, as well as in some other issues.

Many of us are hoping the new 'Crystal Forest' white design that is now replacing the dark navy & red interiors in Swarovski stores will also replace those Blue boxes!

Despite the familiar refrain we hear from our Crystal Fanatics all the time, but 'we collect crystal, not boxes', most agree that it is wise to save the packaging.

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  1. A great and interesting article.
    Correct boxes make a big difference to the value of any Swarovski Item.

    George is the C.F.C.'s expert in Swarovski Boxes

  2. Swarovski Boxes is a big problem. Where do you store them. As they are very important to keep the correct one with the right item.

    An article for the one and only Boxman George!!!

  3. Boxes sure can be a problem. I'm running out of room for both the crystal and the boxes! I do like the special boxes that Swarovski make for some of the pieces. I find it adds to the piece, in particular if it is being given as a gift.


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