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About Crystal Fanatics Club (CFC)

 So many Collectors ask us about our CFC website, I thought I'd publish more comprehensive information, FYI:

Crystal Fanatics Club (CFC), is a worldwide club site on the WEB *FOR Collectors of Swarovski Crystal.* We are currently celebrating our 12th Anniversary as the PREMIERE site on the Web for Swarovski Collectors. We are a friendly, caring and eclectic mixture of people from all over the world!
For a modest subscription fee, we offer extensive Photo Galleries, Discussion Boards and Weekly Live Chats hosted from all around the world. CFC is a great place to "meet" like-minded crystal collecting friends to discuss your collection and our favorite products.
The Crystal Fanatics Club was established in 1999. 

 More Information about CFC:

Packed with more information than ever and with far more powerful tools, you'll love the all new Crystal Fanatics Club!

*MOST OFTEN!* the  "FIRST" to bring you "BREAKING Swarovski News!"
 *Breaking Swarovski NEWS* Currently Posted to our Boards &/Or Photo Galleries: 

  • The 2012 Annual Edition
    • All New Issues Coming in 2011
    • MORE Special Ltd Ed MO's
    • All of the 2011 Retirements
We were FIRST to tell our members & show Photos of the New Annual Edition & the AE Christmas Ornaments  every year, the NLE Bald Eagle, all the Mo's, all the NEW Disney Issues, the Ducks, etc., etc., long before Swarovski issued them!

LOTS of  Photos Albums! of our favorite crystal, as well as photos from CFC gatherings and events, AND individual pictures posted by our members.
There are currently MORE THAN *9,000 Photos* in our Photo Galleries! No other club site features so many Photos!
ALL the info you need to know about each Swarovski issue is displayed in Full Color, a complete description is posted to each Photo in the Gallery, including ALL the Current Values for Retired Swarovski Crystal.
FREE with your Membership!
No More Need for Costly and Outdated Annual Books to document your Collection ! 

 *Live Chats* ~ every Wednesday evening and Sunday morning, using Our Very Own On-Site Integrated CHAT ROOM!   ~  all brought to you by our very own CFC members!


(1) The CFC Discussion Message Board - Our Main Bulletin Board, where members conduct most of our interaction. Post your message, respond to messages from others, gossip, share, learn ALL About Swarovski!

(2) CFC Buy/Trade/Sell Board - where we exchange, trade, buy and sell between club members only. Free with your membership! We never assess fees for selling your Goods. 


(3) CFC Member Spotlights - (archived) - READ all about your Fellow Collectors and see their collections!

(4) "I am looking for...." -  Members POST items of interest to ADD to their collections!

(5) "Trip Reports...." -  Members POST reports of their Swarovski-related TRIPS & EVENTS (archived). 

CONTESTS!  always ongoing.....

*Meet the Fanatics* (Photos) is the place to put faces with the names ... or nicknames, & MEET your fellow club members!

Calendar of events for CFC. Add your own dates of importance to the calendar and find other great dates for "special" Swarovski and CFC Club Events. 

 Comments from our members?
 "Wow! I never dreamed it would be this beautiful!
This is really going to be FUN! I love the new message boards, much better!"

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Once your application is processed, you will gain access to the site after your membership fee is received.
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If you want to see even more Galleries of Photos, Discuss crystal with other collectors from all around the world, then There is No Better Place To Be.

Hope to see you there!
Pat King
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Insuring Your Collection

Most insurers that offer collectibles insurance will cover a wide variety of collections, including crystal and glass figurines. Some collections, for example, a Swarovski collection, are valuable because they are hard to find, part of a series, an Annual Edition, or a Numbered Ltd. Edition (NLE). These items require insurance.

Some important factors to consider:
  • Be sure to keep your collection insured for its full Current Value, otherwise known as the CV.
  • Software programs for your computer do exist and make it easier to catalog especially large collections, as well as provide the ability to update it when new items are added; however, we have found that upgrades are usually not provided & eventually the software vendor goes out of business, so you no longer have support either. Using a spreadsheet like Excel, or a Database, like Access, is a better choice.
  • Some losses are not covered, even under an all-risk policy. Most policies apply a deductible, but cover accidental breakage. Exclusions and deductibles vary by company or where you live, so be sure to ask questions first before you purchase.
  • The size of your collection and the Total Value (CV) determines the cost of your premium. In many instances, the yearly cost for the premium is affordable when you consider the risks.
  • A single limited edition art object valued at greater than $2,500.00 should be insured and listed separately with your insurance company. The best policies are offered by companies that deal specifically in art valued collectibles and antiques.
  • It's easy to find the value of your collectibles IF you are a Swarovski Collector - just JOIN Us at the Crystal Fanatics Club (CFC) for Collectors of Swarovski Crystal. Our Photo Galleries feature every piece issued by Swarovski with allthe  pertinent information you need, including the current CV.
  • For other collections, there are various Books and Guides that can be purchased to estimate the value of your collection.
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Friday, July 15, 2011

Cleaning Your Swarovski Crystal

We are often asked by our Crystal Fanatic Friends, How Do You Clean Your Crystal ?

The BEST thing I have found to Clean Crystal is just plain old soap (a mild dishwashing liquid) and water.

Do not use any product that contains ammonia. Over time, ammonia will cloud the crystal. Many household glass cleaners contain ammonia, so be sure to check the ingredients. You can also purchase a crystal chandelier cleaning product, but I found that they just attract dust and dirt.

NEVER place a piece of crystal in your dishwasher!


  • Line your sink bottom with a thick towel, or place a plastic mat inside the sink. This helps to prevent scratches and accidental breakage.
  • Carefully clean one piece at a time.
  • Do not soak crystal for long periods of time, the glue will dissolve.
  • Thoroughly rinse with tepid water and wipe dry your pieces with a cotton dish towel; air drying tends to leave spots.
  • Sometimes a wet Q-tip or a light, feathery brush is helpful for those hard to reach-and-clean places.
  • Candleholders with melted wax on them need special attention. A quick 15 seconds in the microwave (be sure to remove any metal first) will soften the wax so that it can be removed easily. Wash in warm, soapy water to remove any remaining residue.
  • This advice: ALWAYS handle crystal, after it is dried, with cotton lint free gloves; makes sense, but I find that the gloves get in the way.
  • As any of you who have ever had to clean a large collection know, sometimes removing pieces to clean and then placing it back in a display cabinet, is when most breakage occurs. It's easier to remove and replace it, even though it's time-consuming, one piece at a time. You should also concentrate on one shelf at a time.
  • Take off anything with cuffs or long sleeves that can get caught easily in some pieces of crystal, and remove any jewelry to prevent scratching pieces.
  • Be sure to remove your crystal from front to back and replace your crystal from the back to front.
    For those with large collections, Display Cabinets are necessary.
    Be sure not to leave your crystal displays in direct sunlight, or leave the display lighting on for long periods of time; it will melt the glue on your crystal.
    We found that wrapping the inside edge of your Display Cabinets with simple weatherstripping that is commonly used around doors and windows, dramatically cuts down on dirt and dust. You can find it easily in any hardware store.

Want to Learn More About your Swarovski Collection?
The Crystal Fanatics
Crystal Fanatics Club
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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Swarovski Designers

Here's some information about some of our favorite designers of Swarovski Crystal.  Most of the Designers seem to have one thing in common: they trained at the College of Glassmaking in Kramsach, Tyrol, Austria.

Adi Stocker

After completing his education at the renowned College of Glassmaking in Kramsach, Tyrol, he moved to the USA, where he worked at the P. Herrmann glass studio in New Hampshire.
One of the most friendly and interested designers, Adi is probably also the most well known of all the designers, coming to Swarovski in 1988.
He designed the first Annual Edition trilogy and then designed the two major Limited Edition pieces for Swarovski - the Eagle and the Peacock. He also designed the AE Lion, the Ltd Ed. Eagle and Peacock, AE Pegasus, AE Pierrot and Isadora, as well as the Dumbos in 1987 and 1988. Next to Max Schreck, Adi has designed the most creations, but no longer works as a Designer. He is a Director of the Swarovski Design Team and many collectors were disappointed that he would no longer attend the Designer Events.
He lives in the Austrian Tyrol with his wife, Johanna.

Elisabeth Adamer

Attended a 4-year vocational school for arts and crafts in Innsbruck, Elisabeth Adamer graduated from Glasfachschule Kramsachthis, a specialized glass arts school with a degree in design in 2002.
Designer of 2006 Mother, Brother and SCS Sister Bear, and the
2010 Annual Edition Tiger.
Joined Swarovski in November 2004

Anton Hirzinger

Studied at the world-renowned College of Glassmaking in Kramsach.
Anton joined Swarovski in 1986, spending several years demonstrating the art of glass-cutting and engraving for visitors to the Crystal Shop in Wattens.  In 1991, he became a Designer.
He designed the logo pieces for Swarovski - the Maxi Swan and the 1995 Centenary Swan, and many more pieces. He is the designer of the Harlequin AE - his first annual edition piece.
Anton Hirzinger has two children and lives in the Austrian Tyrol.

Peter Heidegger

From the Tyrol
Worked for Swarovski since 1990
Joined the Design Team in May 2006
First Design: The Kaolas
Also designed Lovlots Emily and Max

Edith Mair

Attended the College of Glassmaking in Kramsach
Born in the Austrian Tyrol, Edith joined Swarovski in 1990 and her first creation was the Roe Deer Fawn.
She began the Fairy Tales series with Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. Her Sweetheart piece has also been very popular. Other notable designs are the Chimpanzee, St. Bernard, Sweetheart Jewel Box and the Tortoises. She has not yet come to the US for any signing events.

Stefanie Nederegger

Attended the College of Glassmaking and Design in Kramsach.
Joined Swarovski in November 2004.
Stefanie is the designer of the exotic Orchid Blossom and  Orchids, as well as the Mare.

Dominic Schöpf

Born and grew up in the Tyrolean Oberland, where he still lives today.
Joined Swarovski in 2005
Designer of the 2007 Rabbits, Lovlots Gracy, Lt Topaz Seahorses, and the Lt Siam Butterfly Fish.

Gabriele Stamey

Gabriele Stamey was born on May 22, 1956, in Worgl, a small town in the foothills of the Austrian Tyrol. From an early age, she decided to follow her chosen vocation as an artist. After an intensive four-year course of study at the world famous technical school for glass craft and design in Kramsach, she began her career specializing in free-blown goblets. Between 1978 and 1986 she established a name for herself as a freelance glass designer. In 1986, she was one of the first women to join Swarovski's design team, where she soon won recognition with her designs for Silver Crystal. Many Silver Crystal lovers still remember Gabriele Stamey's first designs: the  Miniature Cockerel, Miniature Hen and the three Baby Chicks from the Barnyard Friends series. She then designed a magnificent interpretation of the Santa Maria. The 1997 AE Dragon was her first creation for Swarovski Collectors Society, followed by Columbine in 2000.
Once married to Michael Stamey, Gabriele still works at Swarovski, but no longer works as a Designer.

Michael Stamey

After completing his education at the renowned Technical College of Glassmaking in Kramsach, Michael Stamey went on to study marine biology.
Michael Stamey has contributed substantially to the success of the SCS and joined Swarovski in 1977. He is the designer for all three pieces of the second Annual Edition Trilogy, Mother and Child series.
Most of the ocean fish/shell pieces have been designed by Michael, as well as the Apple, Pear, Tiger, Whale, AE Kudu (1994), Giant Mallard, Maxi Dolphin, the Up In The Trees Series, the Orchids and the Rose.
One of his absolute creative highlights was a chandelier for the Palace of Versailles.
Following his divorce in 1995, Michael Stamey moved back to the United States, and now lives in Orlando, FL.
Michael is well loved by Collectors, and we were sorry to see him leave Swarovski in 2007.

Heinz Tabertshofer

Heinz worked in the Production Dept before becoming a Swarovski Designer. For almost twenty years, the talented toolmaker played a leading role in the production of Silver Crystal items, making tools for the production of Swarovski models, and engravings.
His first piece, the German Shephard, was designed in 1999. The Fighting Fish is his favorite piece.
His designs include the Cobra, Camel,  Grizzly and Cockatoo.
Born in the Austrian Tyrol, Heinz Tabertshofer lives in Wattens with his wife and two children.

Martin Zendron

Born in the Tyrol, Zendron graduated from the world-renowned College of Glassmaking and Design in Kramsach, Austria.
In 1988 Martin became a designer for Swarovski.
Martin created the very popular AE Elephant along with the AE Unicorn, Kris Bear pieces, some Ornaments, the Sleigh and Santa, Harp, Lute, Saxophone, Piano, the Stallions, and Oriental Flacon. In 2001, he designed the 2001 Ltd Ed. Wild Horses, and the 2003 AE Antonio. He has attended  signings worldwide.
Zendron, an avid diver,  is now a Director for the Design Team at Swarovski and is no longer designing pieces for Swarovski.

Other well-known designers include:

Max Schreck
Max Schreck was the first recognized designer - his creation, the Mouse in 1976 designed from chandelier parts, began the whole animal figurine series. This led to everything else! Max also created the Annual Edition Lovebirds with the assistance of Adi Stocker. But now Max is given full credit for designing the Lovebirds. Mr. Schreck  passed away in 1997 and it is believed he never signed any of his creations. His designs number over 80 including the paperweights and candleholders, Treasure Boxes and so many of the animals! Most of Max's designs, if not all, have been retired.

Other known designers include:
Keiko Arai

Joel Desgrippes (Selection)
Mario Dilitz
Nicole Dupont
Ysmine Hurel
Hermann Koch
Elke Kumar
Julia Limpke - Julia's World Collection
Alessandro Mendini - Daniel Swarovski Collection
Kurt Mignon
Darko Mladenovic
Andree Putnam
Anton Poppinger
Andre Putman
Eva Marie Ried
Claudia Schneiderbauer
Roland Schuster
Borek Sipek
Ettore Sottsass
Ludwig Redl
Stefano Ricci
Sharon & Steven Weinberg
Verena Castelein

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Swarovski Paradise Big Birds

In 2005, Swarovski added the 'Tropical Birds' to the Paradise line. 
Crystal Fanatics call these the Big Birds.

Swarovski Blue Roller is a large crystal bird figurine, about 10" wide.  The Swarovski Roller was designed by Anton Hirzinger and is blue turquoise and black diamond in color, attached to a metal stand.  The Swarovski Roller is one of the issues in the Silver Lake collection in the Paradise line of Tropical Birds. Originally introduced in 2009, it is currently available for $950. 

Seven other large bird figurines in the Silver Lake Collection have been issued in the
Swarovski Paradise line.  All these Swarovski birds are nearly 8" tall and are very colorful:

Red Cockatoo
, perched on a wooden display stand, designed by Roland Schuster, Issued in 2005 - Retired in 2010.
Macaw, Chrome Green in Color, on wooden display stand, designed by Roland Schuster, 2005 - Retires in 2011.
Toucan, Black Diamond Faceted Black Diamond crystal with eyes in Erinite crystal, bill in Green Beryll with Topaz and Peacock Blue crystal; accents in Light Siam and Light Topaz crystal; on Maple wood stand, designed by Roland Schuster  2006 - 2009.
Green Rosella, in faceted Jonquil crystal with wings and tail, ranging in color from crystal to blue; accents in Light Siam and Capri Blue crystal; rhodium plated metal parts; perched on a walnut wood display & designed by Heinz Tabertshofer, 2007 - 2010.
Kingfishers, pair of Kingfishers in Blue Turquoise, Aquamarine, Sun and clear crystal on silver-tone metal stand, designed by Anton Hirzinger in 2008 - currently retailing at $950.
The Spectacular Bee-Eaters in Peridot crystal, positioned on a silver-tone metal stand featuring Smoked Topaz heads with Jonquil and Indicolite crystal highlights and silver-tone beaks, designed by Heinz Taberstshofer, issued in 2008 - currently retailing for $1,500.00.
Woodpeckers Mother woodpecker and young woodpecker are in Black Diamond and Light Peach crystal with accents in clear and Light Siam crystal. Ruthenium-plated beaks on silver-tone metal stand, designed by Elisabeth Adamer, issued in 2009 - currently retailing for $1200.

At, you will find Photos of ALL the Swarovski Issues in our FABULOUS Photo Galleries, featuring Photos in Full Color, the Swarovski Product Name, Product Number, Designer, Current Value, Year of Issue and Retirement (if applicable)
for every issue.

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