Saturday, September 3, 2011

WHY Join a Collecting Club ?

If you are visiting collecting club websites, you are probably confronted with all kinds of statements about why collectors should join one club or another.
  • "A serious collector is an educated collector and you can become an educated collector by joining our club."
  • "A great way to become `connected' for buying, selling or trading."
  • "To meet other collectors and develop friendships that can last a lifetime."
  • "To gain knowledge on values, reproductions and how to care for my collection."
These are all very valid reasons to join a collecting club... and, there are dozens more, we're sure.

Some clubs do a tremendous job with membership services, Bulletin Boards, an educational website, annual meetings, price guides and research projects, resource libraries and archives, collector insurance programs, reproduction alerts, ethics guidelines for both collectors and dealers, extensive Photo Galleries, annual membership collector's items, and much more! 

Membership in most clubs is a real bargain - a year's worth of service is often offered for about the same price you would pay for your daily newspaper.
Another factor to consider is that for most clubs, we are only talking about a one year commitment. Membership dues are usually for 12 months.  At that time, you can choose to either renew for another year or two, or not.

Even for a beginner who is maybe only mildly interested in a collecting area, what better way is there to determine if you want to become a more serious collector? A year's worth of member services from a club supporting a collecting area you might be interested in can help you "weigh your decision."

OK, so maybe you're not that much of a joiner.  It still is the most practical way of letting the collecting club sell you on which area to eventually collect more seriously through the simple technique of comparison shopping. Let the clubs sell you on collecting in their area.
Another option, without the obligation of actively paying membership dues, simply ask a collecting club you may be interested in to send you some information on their club and the collecting area they support. Maybe you know someone who belongs to a collecting club, get a recommendation from them!

Now, getting back to the original question, "Why Join a collecting club?"
Probably the best answer is because YOU want to. It has to be your decision.
Like your collection itself, it's a personal thing. You decide what to collect... what to buy... how to display it... and everything else connected with your collection.
Most collecting clubs exist to support and help collectors, and deliver an excellent service to their members.

The Crystal Fanatics Club (CFC) For Collectors of Swarovski Crystal is such a club.
Avid collectors from across the world have been members and, most importantly, 'friends' for more than 12 years!

Our Crystal Fanatics Club members form the heart of a community united by an affinity for Swarovski Crystal. 

Want to Learn MORE about your Swarovski Collection ?
Come JOIN US! You'll be GLAD you did!

Proud Member of the Association of Collecting Clubs (ACC)
and the National Association of Collectors (NAC)

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  1. YES Pat, I agree with what you have said about Clubs for Collectors.
    BUT! I have been a members Of Your Crystal Fanatics Club (CFC) for over 5 years. It is not just a club for collectors of Swarovski Crystal, although that is the main idea of CFC. It is more of a worldwide family who share an interest in Swarovski and in each others lives and problems. Giving help, advice, support or may be just listening. Whatever is needed CFC members are there to help and support. It is a pity that so called proper family's are not like the CFC members I have come to know through being a member of CFC.

  2. Since I joined The Crystal Fanatics Club, it has opened up a whole new world of fellow collectors and friends.


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