Monday, September 19, 2011

Swarovski Trimlite Hot Air Balloons

In 1982, Swarovski issued Hot Air Balloons in the Swarovski Trimlite product line as part of the "Boutiques" theme group. These are some of the most well-liked pieces among our crystal fanatics.

They were available in 2 different sizes:  3" and 3.5" in height,  2 different metal finishes -  gold and rhodium, and 2 different crystal colors:  Crystal cal and Vitrail medium.

72403 - Trimlite Hot air balloon with gold-tone accents with a Crystal Cal balloon. 
72404 - Hot air balloon with gold-tone accents with a Vitrail Medium balloon.
72405 - Hot air balloon in rhodium accents with a Crystal Cal balloon.
72406 - Hot air balloon in rhodium accents with a Vitrail Medium balloon.

All eight Hot Air Balloons retired in 1986.  The 3" hot air balloons retailed for $50 and the 3.5" hot air balloons were priced at $80.

The Trimlilte logo,  letter "T",  is stamped into the metal, and sometimes a logo may not be found at all, a  common occurrence for issues in the early 80's. The Trimlite balloons are sought after by crystal fanatics  & often command high secondary market values.

You can see All the Trimlite products in our FABULOUS CFC Photo Galleries!

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  1. I like the sound of these,although I have never seen them.
    I think I may start to have a look for some of the Trimlite lines

  2. I will make my mind up when I see these and what the current price of these sort after items is!.

  3. They are very nice Robert & Nan. I have a variety of them and they look lovely on my "transportation" display shelf. The most beautiful are the Vitrail Medium ones, but the Crystal Cal ones seem to be more scarce.


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