Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Swarovski Kris Bears

39 or so Kris Bears have been issued by Swarovski, as part of the Crystal Moments product line. I really don't know why they just do not have their own individual product line, like the Lovlots, since there are so many of them. Each figurine depicts a certain occasion, message an activity. Older issues included picture frames and a working clock. One set of issues portrayed bears from different countries. And, of course, there are the Christmas ornaments. 
The newest lot issued during 2011 include:

A Rose For You - Clear crystal bears holding a rose in Bordeaux and a silver-tone metal stem, retailing at $165.

You and I - two faceted clear crystal bears depicted in a marriage ceremony; the grrom's bow tie is in Light Sapphire Satin crystal & she carries a Violet crystal flower with Amethyst details. They also retail for $165.

Ltd. Edition Halloween - Trick or treat! Clear crystal, Halloween Kris Bear carries a vibrant Red Topaz crystal pumpkin lantern with a silver-tone metal handle. Only Available While supplies last, retailing at $100, and will retire at year end.

Ltd. Edition Annual Edition Christmas Bear - dated,standing Christmas Bear carrying a decorated green crystal Christmas Tree. He also retires at the end of the year and retails for $100.

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  1. Sorry if I upset anyone. But I cannot stand those awful Kris Bears.

  2. Like wise I prefer proper bears ( Polar, Grizzly,etc) or Teddy Bears (I am really a big kid at heart)

  3. I like the Kris bears, they are cute and more interesting to me than the Mo's. I also like the real bears and one of my fav's is the grizzly cub with the fish in it's mouth.
    Maybe I could take a photo of ALL the bears for the CFC Calendar photo contest.

  4. Good Idea! You do that Julie :)

  5. I am not a fan of shooting animals for sport.

    But I will make an exception for these Kris Bears take them out and shoot them.


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