Monday, August 22, 2011

Steiff / Swarovski Bears

About the Steiff Swarovski Collaboration:

  • Limited Editions Issued Annually
  • Only available during year of issue
  • Sizes: 10 -11 "
  • Original Issue Prices range between $175 and $299.00

  • Daniel - 2004 Tan with 2004 Annual Edition Christmas Ornament & signature Steiff crystal button in the ear.
  • Crystal - 2005 White mohair Steiff teddy bear with Swarovski Xilion crystal trademark ´button in ear´and Annual Edition Christmas 2005 Ornament.
  • 2005 Steiff Bear with Swarovski Ilyssa Bracelet as its Collar
  • Orian The Star Bear - 2006 Midnight Blue Bear with signature Steiff button & Steiff written in Swarovski crystals on the paw.
  • Jewels 2007 - heart-shaped nose with her name embroidered on her paw pad in elegant script. Instead of a traditional Steiff Button in Ear, you'll find a dazzling, light peach Xilion crystal stone in her ear, and she wears a Swarovski Heart ornament around her neck, engraved with the year 2007.
  • Poinsettia 2007 - Christmas Steiff Bear adorned with a beautiful fully faceted Poinsettia ornament comprised of clear, light siam and light topaz crystal. It is hanging from a red colored satin ribbon.
  • 2007 Steiff Jewelry Box Set - Special Ltd Ed. of 1500; Three beautiful bears (red, white, and blue) represent three precious stones (ruby, diamond, and sapphire) in this one-of-a-kind set designed exclusively for North America. Each individual Teddy is a masterwork in miniature, made of genuine alpaca. Around each bear's neck hangs a necklace of five precious Swarovski teardrop crystals; and in the ear of each bear, a genuine Swarovski Xillion stone. The entire set is housed in a hand-finished, mahogany-toned wooden box imprinted with gold lettering. Comes with certificate & retailed for $375.
  • Flurrie - 2008 Silver-Blue mohair bear with crystal button in the ear & a 2008 Annual Ornament.
  • Kringle - 2009 soft German mohair and features subtle airbrushing around his paws. He wears a Swarovski Siam crystal Santa stocking on a ribbon around his neck, which features two dangling pompoms made from Crystal Fabric. It also features a pair of Crystal Moonlight stars. In his ear, Kringle sports a radiant Swarovski Xillion TM stone. Kringle is a limited edition of only 1500 pieces, Exclusive to the US.
  • Twinkle - 2010 Made of genuine Schulte German mohair in apricot with a Swarovski Christmas Tree Ornament around the neck.
  • Sapphire - 2011 Only 2,000 produced, Available on the Steiff USA website. Features a deep blue silk coat; paws decorated with crystal stones and a crystal collar is around her neck. Steiff button with label in her ear. Comes with numbered COA in a special gift box.
  • Krystina - 2011 Jet Black Coat of Mohair, decorated with a Swarovski Crystal Stone Collar, encompassing more than 100 stones. The right bear paw is encrusted with more than 150 stones, spelling out 'Steiff'. The famous Steiff Bear stone & label is in her ear.The Krystina Steiff Bear available from the Danbury Mint UK site.
  • Candy The Sparkle Bear - 2011 Ltd. Edition (1500) Christmas Bear Only distributed in the UK and North America. Pale green mohair bear, wearing a Swarovski red and clear candy cane ornament around her neck, embellished with a golden star.
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  1. Sorry to say these Swarovski/Steiff teddies are not my cup of tea. I think they are over priced toys.

  2. Thanks for an update on all the Steiff bears. Not something that I want to have more than one of, but it's nice to know they exist.

  3. I like teddy bears. But I think you are paying to much of a premium for the Steiff/Swarovski Name.
    Unless you can get a very old Steiff teddy.
    I do not think these are worth the price.


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