Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The SCS 'Loyalty Gifts'

In 2007, the last year of the Annual Edition (AE) “Wonders of the Sea” trilogy (Harmony, Eternity, and Community), Swarovski offered a loyalty gift to SCS (Swarovski Crystal Society) members who purchased all 3 crystal figurines in the series. The loyalty gift for “Wonders of the Sea” was the Tang Fish. This was the first and only time Swarovski offered the Annual Edition in both a clear and a colored version.
If the member purchased all three “Wonders of the Sea” clear figurines, they received the clear Tang Fish. If the member purchased all three “Wonders of the Sea” colored figurines, then the member received the colored version of the Blue Tang Fish. And if you purchased all six issues, you received both loyalty gifts.

The loyalty gift was not available for purchase (except on eBay and the secondary markets); all 3 AE's had to be recorded as purchased in Swarovski's member file, or you were not eligible to receive it.

In 2008 through 2010 the “Endangered Species” trilogy was offered. Again, SCS members who purchased all 3 in the series, the Pandas, Gorillas, and Tiger, received a Standing Tiger Cub for their loyalty gift. However, in addition, an identical Standing Tiger Cub was also available for purchase by SCS members for $180, but the 'purchased' Standing Cub was issued under a different product number.

There will be a loyalty gift in 2013 for SCS members who purchase annual editions in 2011, 2012, and 2013, but just what it will be is not yet known. When ordering your Annual Editions, make sure that your dealer confirms that your SCS membership number is being used, when purchased.

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  1. Thanks. Handy tip to make sure about your SCS membership number being confirmed when buying the Annual Editions.

  2. Pat. Good reminder about membership numbers. But as I am not a fan of the modern annual editions, no need for me to worry about them.

  3. An interesting thing about the loyalty gifts is the way they are distributed in different countries. Each country seems to have their own unique way of handling the pickup or delivery of the item. I wonder if it will continue that way or if Swarovski will use a common method to get the loyalty piece to the members.

  4. It's really not fair to give one country a gift that others don't have access to. Here we get cloth jewelry wraps and other non crystal items but in Hong Kong they seem to get much better gifts.

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    1. Thank You!
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  7. I heard that the 2013 loyalty gift is the peacock. Hope this is true.

  8. Hi ScrappinBee
    You can see the Loyalty Gift for 2013 in All Its Splendor on our CFC Website....It's FABULOUS!


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