Monday, August 15, 2011

Optik Binoculars and Swarovski Crystal Figurines

Swarovski Optik is an industry leader in high quality, precision long-range optics, scopes &  binoculars.  The binoculars feature the Swarovski Optik logo  - the Hawk.  They range in price from $950 - $1700.

But, Did You Know ? about the Swarovski Crystal Binoculars? 
These are a crystal figurine in the shape of Swarovski binoculars, about 1 inch in length.  Supposedly, the figurine was a display piece for Swarovski Optik retailers in Hong Kong in 1995.  They sell on the secondary market for $250 - $400.

Another small figurine depicting crystal binoculars was produced in the Crystal Moments product line from 2000 through mid-2002.  They are 1-1/4 inches / 32mm wide, with the Swan logo. They initially sold for $32.50.  You can buy them on the secondary market for approximately $50.00.

Highly sought after by Crystal Fanatics are 2 Optik Falcon Heads in a Small and Large version.
They were produced for Swarovski Optik retailers in Europe to celebrate 50 years of manufacturing.
The small Falcon Head measures 1 3/4 inches &  45mm High. The larger size is 4 inches, 102mm High, weighing 2 lb. 9 oz. It is etched with the Optik Logo, and retired  in 1999.  You can pay up to $2,000 for this set on the secondary market.

Optik has also released various acccessories: key chains, watches, & pins.

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  1. Great article Pat.

    I have seen and heard of small pocket binoculars.

    But an inch long, how do you find them?

    Let alone see through them?

  2. Good one Robert... but the crystal binoculars that Pat is referring to are just display pieces; they are not functioning binoculars :)


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