Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What is a Collecting Club ?

What is a Collecting Club ?
Collecting Clubs are an important segment of the collectibles industry.
The combined knowledge base of their membership is usually the backbone of knowledge for your collectibles.
Many club sites have become key resources for the collectibles industry.

But what exactly do these clubs do?

  • They provide information to the collector via research, study and documentation. Not only do they cover club activities, provide access to insider information, and 'breaking news' for your favorite collectible, but they provide a wide array of information to the collector - offering photo galleries, a history of your particular collectible, photo features of members' collections, proper identification, and more.
  • Many clubs are the industry watchdogs for ethics violations and reproductions.
  • They provide information and advice to new and established members alike in the areas of managing their collections, storage and display, and convenient ways to insure your collection properly.
  • Many club websites offer Forums and Discussion Groups for those having specific questions about their collections, and to share information. Chat Forums are held weekly where members can participate in real time.
  • They offer networking opportunities, the ability to buy & add to your collection, as well as trading and selling your collectibles, and Annual Events. Many club sites have become key resources for the collectibles industry.
  • The most important thing they offer is the establishment of personal friendships, often on a worldwide basis, with people who share the same interests, and friendships that can and do last a lifetime.

Being a member of a strong collecting club can personally make you more knowledgeable.

If you are a serious collector, you need to be a member of a club.
If you are a Swarovski collector, you need to be a member of the Crystal Fanatics Club. We are such a 'Collecting Club.'
Come Meet  THE 'Crystal Fanatics'
You can Join Us using this Link:
JOIN The Crystal Fanatics Club

We Welcome Your Participation!

Pat King

*For Collectors of Swarovski Crystal*


  1. I have been a member of the Crystal Fanatics Club for almost 5 years. During that time I have made many friends around the world, because of our common interest in collecting Swarovski Crystal. This club is a fantastic source of information about Swarovski, past, present and future. Far better and more up to date than any books on the subject. Why not join now. Once you have, you will wonder why you did not join years ago.

  2. There is only ONE club for FANATICS, many have tried and failed to imitate and still do. Nobody can just take a name and claim association - doesn't work.
    There are books out there for reference, surely not intended as a solid foundation for reference or valuation as they are old before going to print.
    There is no substitute for belonging to a group of fellow minded collectors to share our passion. Open 24 \7 and there's always someone who can answer any question or share a special collecting moment.

  3. Best Swarovski Collectors Club in the world.
    I have been a member since CFC was started by Pat and that's about 12 years ago. Looking forward to the next 12 years and more!
    THANKS Pat, for making it possible.


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