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Swarovski Certificates of Authority (COA)

Now that Swarovski has made the decision to cease production of their COA's, as well as inclusion with most of their issues, here's a quick history of Swarovski's many changes in the COA.

The Swarovski COA
is an acronym for Swarovski Certificate of Authenticity. When referring to Swarovski crystal collectibles, many collectors refer to the generic booklet as the Swarovski COA.
In 1988, Swarovski began issuing this booklet entitled 'Swarovski certificate'. 
While the literature includes the word 'certificate' on the front, in reality, it is product literature, simply advertising other Swarovski crystal figurines manufactured by Swarovski.  
And, a lot of collectors insisted that a Swarovski certificate be included with their crystal in order for it to be considered a completed Mint in Box (MIB) edition. However, we never saw the crystal command higher prices because a Swarovski certificate was included in the box.  

For the majority of Swarovski crystal products, the Swarovski COA was truly a generic product booklet that could be interchanged easily with other Swarovski crystal products.

The question that so many Swarovski collectors have is "Just how important are the Swarovski Certificates?" 
The answer to that question depends on the Swarovski crystal piece in question. If the Swarovski crystal is an Annual Edition (AE), Limited Edition (LE), or Numbered Limited Edition (NLE), or a Ltd Edition Chinese Zodiac (see below), or any issue that is numbered, the Swarovski Certificate of Authenticity is extremely important. For all these types of pieces, the Swarovski certificate is intricate to the issue of the item. You really cannot swap them from other pieces as they are specific to that issue; for example, the Lovebirds certificate and the Woodpeckers certificate cannot be interchanged. In the case of the numbered limited editions, the Swarovski certificate contains the edition number and should match the edition number imprinted on the crystal.

Swarovski Certificate of Authenticity for Chinese Zodiacs

The limited edition Chinese Zodiac figurines also include a unique
Swarovski certificate of authenticity.

All these Chinese Zodiacs have a fold-out card titled 'The Chinese Zodiac'.  
The information is printed in both Chinese and English. This is not a Swarovski certificate of authenticity; it is a brochure that discusses the Chinese Zodiac astrology personalities and is included with all Chinese Zodiac figurines.  However, the limited edition Chinese Zodiac figurines also have a 
certificate of authenticity specific to that figurine.

Be sure that your limited edition Chinese Zodiac, or any of the other special editions mentioned above, includes the Swarovski certificate of authenticity for maximum resale value.

If the Swarovski crystal is an item from any other Swarovski product line, the
Swarovski COA is generic and can easily be exchanged from other crystal in the same product line.

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