Monday, March 28, 2011

The Swarovski Chinese Zodiacs

The Chinese Zodiacs are crystal figurines produced by Swarovski .  To date,  Swarovski has issued six Chinese Zodiac figurines in the Silver Shade color, with 6 more to be issued over the next two years. They are:

Zodiac Horse (2002)
Zodiac Sheep (2003)
Zodiac Dog (2006)
Zodiac Pig (2007)
Zodiac Tiger (2010)
Zodiac Rabbit (2011)
In the Asian market, Swarovski issued the Limited Edition Chinese Zodiac figurines.  These are different from the six listed above in that they are 'Limited by year of production' in the golden shine color.
The limited edition Chinese Zodiac figurines include a 'unique' Swarovski Certificate of Authenticity (COA) specific to the figurine.
A brochure is also included consisting of fold-out cards titled 'The Chinese Zodiac' with the information printed in both Chinese and English, explaining the Astrology of the Chinese Zodiac.

In addition, two golden shadow Limited Edition Chinese Zodiac figurines have been produced to date: the Chinese Zodiac Tiger (2010) and the Chinese Zodiac Rabbit (2011).  Since the limited edition Chinese Zodiacs are only available from the retail market in China, most crystal fanatics who want them are forced to turn to the online auctions or secondary market dealers to purchase these figurines for their collection.

Two more Chinese Zodiac figurines will be issued in crystal golden shine, but are not limited editions. The 2011 releases are much larger (6 3/16 x 7 1/16 inches) and a lot more expensive at $860 retail.   They are the Chinese Zodiac Horse  and the Zodiac Tiger. A Faceted clear crystal base features the name of the animal in English and traditional Chinese seal script.

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